Be Your Own Boss Accelerator

A self-study course for new service providers who have a lack of business knowledge and are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to build a successful online business without investing a lot of money, sacrificing their lifestyle and compromising on their wellbeing.

Do you have an idea that you’d like to turn into a profitable business that would allow you to leave your 9 – 5 job but don’t know where to start?

or maybe

You’ve already made the leap with starting your own business but feeling overwhelmed with things that need to be done for your business and struggling with getting paying clients and earning money.


Either way you are in the right place.

Imagine feeling fulfilled and satisfied, and following your passion.

When I first started my coaching business, I knew that if I wanted to move forward fast, I had to invest in myself and my business. I worked with incredible coaches and I still do. I learned from my own mistakes but the experience that I gained is priceless.

The strategies I teach helped me personally to build my business and land my first paying clients.

If it's possible for me, it's possible for you.

It’s all about having a few fundamentals in place.

What difference would it make to you and your business having a step-by-step guide on how to build a success business without investing a lot of money, sacrificing your lifestyle and compromising on your wellbeing?

The Be Your Own Boss Accelerator is well suited to someone who is starting out or aiming towards their first paying clients.


We'll take your existing talents and passion and turn them into a profitable business.


We’ll dive deep into your goals, values and your unique purpose.


You'll overcome your current business challenges and gain confidence in yourself, your abilities and business.


You'll get support with overcoming Imposter Syndrome and self-sabotage and mastering your mindset.


We'll create a plan and suitable strategies for you to get results and move forward with your business.


You'll learn tools to manage yourself for success.


You'll have structures and systems in place to support your business growth.


You'll know exactly what you should be doing, creating and launching.


You'll learn to convert leads into paying clients.

Imagine never having to work for someone else again and living the life that you’ve always wanted.

Meet Your Mentor

I’m Anna Filatova, a qualified Business and Executive Coach and Mentor.

After having two successful careers, I realized that I wasn’t doing anything meaningful and my potential was dying.

I’ve turned my passion and experience into a coaching business and I now specialise in supporting highly driven individuals to unlock their potential and make progress within their leadership roles in business and organizations without compromising on their personal wellbeing. I also help develop high performing teams to support business and organizational growth..

I believe that we all are capable of so much more than we think. Sometimes we just need a little bit of help and support. We all can create significant impact in the world if we have a clear vision and strategies in place.

I’m here to help people, just like you, to launch and build their businesses and move towards success more efficiently.

The decision to invest in yourself and your business is a sign that you're ready for a change and capable of so much more than what you're currently doing. This is when great things happen and the impossible becomes possible.

What’s included?


Welcome pack

You’ll receive a welcome pack explaining the next steps and how to get the most out of this self-study course.


12 modules

You’ll get access to all modules and workbooks within 24 hours from signing-up.


The Supercharged Leaders Club

Your private Facebook community of highly driven business owners, CEOs, executives and organizational leaders who enjoy a supportive, inspirational and collaborative environment that allows them to thrive both personally and professionally.


Exclusive access to your mentor

You’ll have direct access to me via the Facebook Group whenever you have a question or need some guidance. Alternatively, you can always book some extra 1:1 time with me.

Imagine being able to spend time with your family and friends and book holidays whenever you want.

12 Steps to Accelerate Your Business Success

Step 1: Setting yourself up for success

We’ll set business and financial goals that will help you to create plans and come up with the right strategies. Goal setting is crucial for success as if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know how to get there?

Step 2: Getting clear on your unique purpose

Having purpose and understanding your why will help you to steer your business in the right direction. Knowing your why is going to be crucial when things go wrong and get messy. It’ll keep you motivated and on track. Your story is unique to you and it’ll help to create customer loyalty, high customer engagement and a strong marketing strategy.

Step 3: Getting clear on your ideal client

This is the most important foundation for any business. By knowing your ideal client, you’ll be able to speak their language and tailor your message so that it’s relevant to your audience. Everything you do in your business depends on your ideal client hence why it’s crucial to know exactly who they are and what they are about.

Step 4: Building your business foundation

In this step we’ll build a strong foundation and brand for your business by looking at the legal requirements, your vision, mission, personal and business values, branding and useful apps and software that can help you to be more organized, productive and efficient.

Step 5: Creating your irresistible offer

To run a successful business you need to have different streams of income. If you’ve only worked 1:1 until now, we’ll look at a variety of different ways that you could generate revenue and reach higher income. Then we’ll create your signature offer or a package that will help your clients to achieve the transformation that they’re looking for.

Step 6: Managing yourself for success

You’re your most valuable asset. Your business is built around you so it’s essential that you take care of yourself first. We’ll look at your wellbeing, time management, productivity and balance and ensure that you aren’t working hard but working smart without feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Step 7: Understanding the power of social media

Social media is so much more than brand awareness. With a huge amount of people on social media, it allows you to reach, nurture and engage with your target audience anywhere in the world. This step will help you to build your audience, create content and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Step 8: Finding the right marketing strategy for your business

There is so much to choose from but we’ll ensure that you have the right strategy for you unique business. We’ll look at lead magnets, email marketing, content creation, PR and more. We’ll also talk about Google and how it can help to generate leads for your business.

Step 9: Converting leads into clients

This is the biggest challenge that many new entrepreneurs face when starting a business. Selling is not about making money, it’s about building connections, raising awareness, creating engagement and loyalty, and providing the value to your customers. 

Step 10: Creating a sales funnel

In this step, we’ll look at different types of sales funnels, the importance of having a sales funnel in place and the journey potential clients go through before purchasing your products or services.

Step 11: Mastering your mindset

Mindset is very powerful and you have to believe in yourself and your own abilities in order to achieve results. This step will help you to overcome Imposter Syndrome and self-sabotage, improve your confidence and master your mindset.

Step 12: Putting systems and structures in place to support your business

Any successful business needs the right systems and structures in place to support the growth and reduce stress and overwhelm. We’ll cover your onboarding process, customer service, lead generation and set workflow automations to free up your time so that you can focus on providing exceptional service.

Imagine financial freedom and life flexibility that being your own boss can bring.

What people say about working with me

I cannot express enough how much value I gained from my sessions with Anna. When I first started working with her, I was feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, on the point of giving up and just downright disheartened. Anna meets you where you are and has this amazing ability to make you realize that where you are at the moment and what you have done or not done so far is ok and from that place I realized that I had actually achieved a lot already but due to my feelings of overwhelm, I didn’t see this. I am now feeling in control, I have all the knowledge that I need right now for my own coaching practice and I have confidence in myself.


I’ve been struggling with work life balance and Anna offered support, encouragement and practical advice to create physical and mental space for me to perform at my best and grow as a business. Anna’s business knowledge has been invaluable for me, I’m a new start up and the behind the scenes running of my business is not my strong point. Clear and strategic plans were laid out to help move my business forward and also perform at its optimum.


Anna’s coaching has helped me to realise that the best way for me, is to work at my own pace, and in my own way.  She has supported me in looking at different ideas and encouraged me when at times I have felt quite lost and slightly overwhelmed. Anna’s coaching really helped me to get things into perspective and realise the steps I have achieved in these early days of my business.  With Anna’s help I am clear about my next steps for continuing to develop my business. I have learnt many things about myself in this new way of working and with Anna’s support, I feel more confident and positive about how I want my business to look.


Are you ready to turn your idea into reality, and create a business and life that you’ve always wanted?

There are so many incredible benefits to running your own business:


You’ll be able to earn money by doing something you love


You’ll be able to use your full potential and help others


You’ll feel fulfilled and satisfied


You’ll be able to spend more time with your family and friends and never miss an important event again


You’ll be your own boss and can plan your own schedule and holidays


You’ll be able to create financial freedom for yourself and those you care about


You won’t need to seek anyone’s permission and no one will micro-manage you anymore

Starting my own business was the best decision I’ve ever made. Investing in it was the next best decision.

Have the courage to pursue your dreams and grab your self-study course below.


Your investment is £499.


What type of businesses is the Accelerator for?

The Accelerator is mainly designed for service-based businesses, such as coaches, designers, consultants, accountants, photographers, therapists, etc. It’s suitable for not only brand new businesses but also established ones that are looking to overcome obstacles and grow further. All modules can be also applied to businesses that provide products rather than services.

What if I’m not sure on my business idea or niche yet?

That’s okay. The module “getting clear on your unique purpose” will help you with figuring out your business idea or niche and turning your passion into reality. And if you’ve already chosen your idea or niche, this will help you feel more comfortable with your decision.

I’m scared to invest. What if I won’t get any results?

The results always depend on you and your actions. I can’t do it for you. I’ll support you with tools, resources and direction via this self-study course but it’s up to you to take actions and make progress. No matter what stage you’re at, you’ll move forward at your own pace and I’ll be there to support you via the Facebook group if you have any questions

When does the Accelerator start?

You’ll get access to all modules and workbooks within 24 hours from signing-up.

What if I need more support during the Accelerator?

I understand how important it is to have individual support, especially at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. This is why you get direct access to me via my Facebook group and can always book extra 1:1 time with me when needed.

Are you ready to move forward?

Buy your course below.


Your investment is £499.

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