The Executive Support Team

There is a team of strong employees behind every successful business or organization.

As a consultant, I focus primarily on the Executive Support teams as in most cases, these teams feel undervalued, demotivated and frustrated, and they aren’t being used to its full capacity and potential.

I’ll work with your Executive Support team to ensure high performance, collaborative environment and teamwork to support organizational leaders and company’s growth at their best capabilities.

If you don’t have the Executive Support team, I can help you to hire the best talent and build an outstanding team.

My consultancy approach involves coaching and mentoring as it can facilitate development and learning, challenge individuals and teams to improve teamwork and communication, maximize their performance and increase productivity and efficiency, as well as ensure that the team understands the vision of the company and moves in the right direction.

In order for a team to be efficient, it’s important to understand the individual’s motivation, drivers and potential challenges in the workplace. I use DISC Personality Profiling to understand personality traits, strengths and opportunities for success, and identify the fears and things that might be holding the individual back.

Every Executive Support team is different and has different needs. Let’s discuss your requirements and the best approach for your team.

Thinking of hiring a coach or consultant for your team?