Business Strategy One Day Intensive

Gain clarity, create results you desire and maximise leverage in a short space of time.

Inspired business leaders with a clear vision are quite unstoppable. They are so driven that it feels like there is nothing that could stand in their way.

And the great news is:

You can be one of them!

Working alongside an experienced business coach and mentor provides an insight that can be the catalyst you need to start your business transformation and growth to help you get your desired results.


Move forward in your business with clear strategies and confidence.

A transformational day, personalized for you and your business is the best way to create big leverage in a short space of time.


We’ll dive deep into your goals, values and what motivates and drives you.


We'll discuss your current business challenges and create a plan and suitable strategies for you to get results and move forward with your business.


You'll get support with overcoming reoccurring bad habits and self-sabotage and mastering your mindset.


You'll learn tools to manage fear and self-doubt.


You'll get clarity with your vision and business goals


You'll know exactly what you should be doing, creating and launching.


You'll gain confidence in yourself, your abilities and business.

Are you ready for the next step?


Imagine what this one 1:1 coaching day with a business coach and mentor would do for your business growth.


Picture gaining clarity on your target audience and having offerings and marketing strategies in place for your clients to find you.


Imagine feeling more confident and having more clarity in your life and business.

Intensives provide an opportunity to spend uninterrupted 1:1 time with your coach and focus on your dream business and life.

If you need some direction and want to fast track to success, this intensive is perfect for you.

As long as you are highly motivated and committed to your own success, you are guaranteed to get results and your desired outcome.

Business Strategy One Day Intensive


Welcome Questionnaire

Before we start, I’ll ask you to complete a welcome questionnaire so that I can tailor this intensive specifically to your needs and goals.

30 Min 1:1 Welcome Call

We’ll go through your welcome pack and agree on goals and outcomes that you would like to achieve by the end of the intensive.

5 Hours of 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

We’ll dive in deep and cover the above and any questions that you might have.

Action Plan

You’ll leave motivated and inspired and you’ll know exactly what you will be working on to achieve results

60 Min 1:1 Accountability Coaching Session

This additional dedicated time with me is your opportunity to reflect on the one day intensive and get support to keep you on track.

Email Support

I’ll support you for another month after your accountability coaching session, whether it’s your strategy, mindset, vision, performance habits, personal development or ideas.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Anna Filatova, a qualified Business and Success Coach. 

I’ve always known that I was meant for something big and I’ve met so many people that feel the same. We don’t settle for less. We know what we want and we know how to create what we desire.

I’ve turned my passion and experience into a coaching business and I now work with entrepreneurs, small business owners and their teams and help them to strive for success in business and their personal life.

I believe that we all are capable of so much more than we think. We can create significant impact in a short space of time and move forward with clear strategies and confidence. I’m here to help people, just like you to maximise their potential and the potential of their business and move towards success more efficiently.

Are you ready to commit to your own success and take your life and business to the next level?

Your Investment

Your total investment for this Business Strategy One Day Intensive is £1199.

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