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Hi, I’m Anna Filatova.

I’m the founder and CEO at Dreams and Beyond Coaching and also a certified Business and Success Coach, Mentor, DISC Expert and Speaker. My biggest passion is to empower and help entrepreneurs and business owners to take actions towards building a successful business and living the life that they’ve always dreamed of.

I’ll help you to unlock your true potential, find clarity and gain the confidence that you need to pursue your big goals and achieve success in your business and your personal life without feeling stuck, overwhelmed and burned out. I’ll ensure that you have all the essential tools and resources for development, growth and success, whatever success looks like to you.

My clients come to me for different reasons but the main thing that connects all of them is a desire to be successful and live their best lives. I’ve helped them to overcome their fears, pushed their limits and unlocked their true potential that allowed them to pursue their biggest dreams and goals, both business and personal.

I’m the Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine. I’ve written for Thrive Global and I’ve been featured in Yahoo Finance, Latestly, Intrado GlobeNewswire, Zee5 News and as “The Coach in the Spotlight” by the Coaching Academy, the world’s leading coach training company. I’ve been invited as a guest speaker in Ireland and the UK, and awarded the Brainz CREA Global Award 2021 in recognition for my creative and innovative ideas, and adaptability in business.

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1:1 Coaching

One of the fastest ways to get huge results. Become more empowered, develop strategies and gain practical advice, encouragement and support to move towards success in your business and your personal life.

Programs and Courses

Learn about current group programs and individual courses that will allow you to develop the tools and strategies necessary for personal development and business growth and move towards success more efficiently.

Voxer Coaching

Get encouragement, feedback, accountability and tips that are specifically for you and your business through voice activated software. Send your questions as they come up and receive feedback and detailed response back.

DISC Performance Accelerator

Discover the power of your personality, get a deeper understanding of your own behaviour and learn how to leverage the various aspects of your personality for a life of success.


I’ve been struggling with work life balance and Anna offered support, encouragement and practical advice to create physical and mental space for me to perform at my best and grow as a business. Anna’s business knowledge has been invaluable for me, I’m a new start up and the behind the scenes running of my business is not my strong point. Clear and strategic plans were laid out to help move my business forward and also perform at its optimum.



Founder, Rebecca and Boo

I found my coaching sessions with Anna extremely helpful. There was a clear structure to the sessions. Anna helped me gain clarity and find solutions for myself rather than leading me down a specific path. She was able to give guidance both in business and personal development. She helped me to find strategies to deal with overwhelm such a meditating and getting enough sleep. The impact of the coaching sessions was very positive.



Business Owner, Zara Kitchen Design

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