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A place for female entrepreneurs and CEOs to strive for success in business and create the life they desire.

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I’m Anna Filatova, business and success coach for female entrepreneurs and CEOs.

I see a lot of female entrepreneurs and CEOs struggle with flexibility, work-life balance and just being on the top of everything that is happening in their lives. I get it! Family, kids, friends, business, holidays planning… the list is not exhaustive. You are trying to be on the top of everything because that’s what we women do, right?
I’ve been always very ambitious so already since my teenage years I’ve packed my life with education, career, sport, family, friends, parties… I could go on and on. And what was the result? I had a burn out when I was 25 and I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 weeks. And that is without even having my own family yet. So trust me, I’ve been there too.
But you know what? All of it is possible and I am here to help you to grow your business and create the physical and mental space for your desired life and success.
I am going to be honest with you though. Coaching is not for everyone. The question is whether you want it. Whether you want to make changes in your life and whether you are ready to commit to taking necessarily action steps to move forward with your business and finally live the life of your dreams.
As you are reading this I know one thing: you are a woman who believes that you are meant for something big! You want all of those things in your life but you don’t know where to even start. You want to follow your passion and run your own business without making any sacrifices and feeling exhausted and drained all the time. You want to have more flexibility and time for your loved ones as you are sick of missing out on important things in their lives.
Sound like you?
Then it’s the time for a big change. Are you ready to commit to taking your life to the next level and achieving desired results? If the answer is YES, then you are in the right place. I am here to help and support you through our journey together.
What are you waiting for?


Work With Me

I found the coaching sessions with Anna extremely helpful in gaining clarity around my goals. Anna was adding a personal touch and making me feel comfortable in opening up. Anna enabled me to understand what it is that I was really seeking to achieve and through incisive questioning got me to take ownership and accountability for my way forward. 


Personal Performance Coach

Anna’s coaching had a valuable impact on achieving my goals. She is a great listener and her empowerment kept me motivated and committed through the whole journey that we had together.


Life and Business Coach