I had spent 30 years in education in a range of teaching, leadership, advisory and inspection roles. I had started to feel a need to take control of my own professional development and so turned to coaching, with no intention of leaving my job or setting up my own business. I have now done both and look forward with excitement to the next chapter of my career. I had no experience of the business world, was quite naïve and had no route map to know where to start or where I was going. I knew that I needed help.

I turned To Anna as I had come across her through the Coaching Academy. Her calm manner, her no pressure approach and her genuine interest and celebration of what I was trying to achieve empowered me from the first meeting. However, I was guarded. I needed time to process, to think and explore. Anna offered help but left me to initiate in my own time. I totally respected that and once I made the decision, I knew I had chosen wisely.

Anna encouraged me to explore, experiment, plan and was totally in charge of my journey. After 6 sessions I had developed a website that supported the creation of my business idea, had a business name and paid clients.
I would recommend Anna without reservation because she dedicates herself to you. The person.

Anna is knowledgeable, pragmatic, and thorough. She holds you to account with kindness and celebrates with you at a human level. She is available when you need her and signposts ways forward that make you think and reflect when you are not with her. Her experience combined with her desire for your success is a winning combination.


Leaders in Education Coach, Synergies Coaching

I came to Anna because I wanted to learn how to set up a business from an experienced entrepreneur without having to reinvent the wheel. I also struggled with making some important decisions on where I wanted to go with this new business. I signed up for her 12-week Mastermind programme. Anna really knew how to support in my decison-making process with her practical approach and positivity. She was very approachable and I could always reach out to her when I was struggling. During the mentor programme, I gained more clarity and felt more positive and lighter. Now, I am a team coach while promoting personal leadership.


Team and Performance Coach

It was such a great pleasure meeting and working with Anna. I’ve been in a rut for a long time and was struggling to get started on my health coaching business; not knowing where to start and how to plan my days effectively.  I felt overwhelmed most of the time.  That is when I realised that I needed a coach to give me direction and help me manage myself better in order to get things done.  

Anna is a brilliant Business and Success Coach as she met me where I was at the start of the program and helped me all the way through the program giving me the confidence to push forward and get things done. During the time we worked together I noticed a boost in my confidence levels and I now definitely have a more positive mindset; knowing that I can reach my dream of having my own business.  

I am so much more confident in everything I do, knowing that I can achieve success; if I follow her advice which is invaluable to me.

I can highly recommend Anna. Her business knowledge and support will not just help you overcome any fears and doubts you might have but will boost your confidence to help you move forward in your business.


Health Coach, FoxBliss Health & Wellness Coaching

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Anna as my mentor and coach.  She is very practical and meets you where you are at. Starting up a business has many challenges, so working with somebody who is ahead, who has already established a business and who is happy to share of her knowledge and experience has been really great. I felt able to ask Anna about anything and confident that she would have an answer that could help me move forward. 


Mindset, Confidence, Wellbeing and Transformational Coach, Taking a Deep Breath Coaching

I am so grateful to have had the experience of having Anna as my coach this year. I cannot express enough how much value I gained from my sessions with her.

When I first started working with Anna, I was feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, on the point of giving up and just downright disheartened. What I liked about working with Anna is that she meets you where you are and has this amazing ability to make you realize that where you are at the moment and what you have done or not done so far is ok and from that place I realized that I had actually achieved a lot already but due to my feelings of overwhelm, I didn’t see this. And what progress I started to make when I came to this place of realization.

Annas manner is calm, friendly, approachable and she is such a great listener and gives you the space to think and talk. Fast forward a few months later and I am now feeling in control, I have all the knowledge that I need right now for my own coaching practice and I have confidence in myself. I know that I always had this within me but through Anna asking me key questions and giving me the space and time, I feel that I am now on track.

Anna is also very generous with her time and was very clear that if I ever needed help again to just get in touch. If you are at that place right now where you are considering working with a coach, I can highly recommend Anna, she will journey beside you and help you achieve your goals.


Learning and Development Manager/Menopause Coach

I have found Anna to have a very professional and friendly approach to her coaching. During our sessions, I have felt that Anna is really listening to what I am saying, my tone of voice and also observing my facial expressions.  She is respectful, kind, and considerate, whilst being able to challenge me at times when I have least expected it.

Anna’s coaching has helped me to realise that the best way for me, is to work at my own pace, and in my own way.  She has supported me in looking at different ideas and encouraged me when at times I have felt quite lost and slightly overwhelmed. Anna’s coaching really helped me to get things into perspective and realise the steps I have achieved in these early days of my business.  With Anna’s help I am clear about my next steps for continuing to develop my business.

I have learnt many things about myself in this new way of working and with Anna’s support, I feel more confident and positive about how I want my business to look.

It has been a pleasure and a learning experience, working with Anna as my business coach and I would not hesitate to work with her again.


Personal and Professional Enrichment Coach, Superville Coaching

I found my coaching sessions with Anna extremely helpful. There was a clear structure to the sessions. We reviewed how things were going, both things that were going well and areas for improvement. Anna helped me gain clarity and find solutions for myself rather than leading me down a specific path. However, she was able to give guidance both in business and personal development. In particular, she helped me to find strategies to deal with overwhelm such a meditating and getting enough sleep. During each session she help me to set clear goals which helped me to focus on specific areas. The impact of the coaching sessions was very positive.


Business Owner, Zara Kitchen Design

I’ve been struggling with work life balance and Anna offered support, encouragement and practical advice to create physical and mental space for me to perform at my best and grow as a business. Anna’s business knowledge has been invaluable for me, I’m a new start up and the behind the scenes running of my business is not my strong point. Clear and strategic plans were laid out to help move my business forward and also perform at its optimum.


Founder, Rebecca and Boo

Anna is a go to person when it comes to setting up business from a very first stage. She is very down-to-earth and thorough when sharing her knowledge, supporting lots of new coaches get clarity and guidance. I have attended a few of her webinars where I got got valuable advice, and provided me with a lot of insights and steps to look at whilst building my coaching practice.


Lifestyle and Balance Coach

Anna’s coaching had a valuable impact on achieving my goals. She is a great listener and her empowerment kept me motivated and committed throughout the whole journey that we had together.


Life and Business Coach

Thank you Anna for guiding me when I needed help with setting up my business. It was extremely kind of you to have listened to all my queries and replied with utmost patience. 


Founder and Life Coach, WinSerenity

I was thrilled to work with Anna during a time of significant change in my role at work. As with so many organisations, the global financial services organisation I work for needed to adapt and change quickly. Anna was able to understand my needs, specifically to taking on a brand new team and launching several new projects. Together, we were able to get to productive solutions quickly and implement those; progressing with each session. The impact I have been able to make has been acknowledged by my senior leadership team and I’m confident that this is due in part to the coaching I’ve had with Anna- I wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as quickly and logically on my own. I would fully recommend Anna if you are looking for a coach that is supportive, inquisitive and flexible.


Senior Marketing Manager/International Campaign Strategy, American Express (Travel & Lifestyle Services)

I found the coaching sessions with Anna extremely helpful in gaining clarity around my goals. Anna was extremely professional during all sessions while also adding a personal touch and making me feel comfortable in opening up. Anna enabled me to understand what it is that I was really seeking to achieve and through incisive questioning got me to take ownership and accountability for my way forward. I aim to adopt a lot of Anna’s coaching skills in my own career going forward.


Personal Performance Coach

If you are looking to increase your performance and achieve desired goals Anna is your coach. I had great pleasure working with Anna and would highly recommend her as her number one priority is your success. Anna’s knowledge, experience and results focused mindset make her a fantastic coach. She empowered me to take specific actions that helped me to move forward with my goals.


Personal Growth and Success Coach

Anna is very organized, kind, respective and a great listener. Her methods are efficient and allowed me to progress significantly and achieve the results I desired. 


Entrepreneur and NLP Practitioner

Since I’ve started working with Anna I’ve become more relaxed and positive. She has a high energy level that has helped challenge me, raise my awareness about my reality and achieve great outcome in my life.


Life, Performance and Progress Coach and Author

Anna’s energy, support and confidence empowered me to set and maintain clear direction towards my goal. She kept me motivated and laughed with me when I laughed. I am grateful for the opportunity and the success I’ve achieved while working with Anna.


Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

I highly recommend Anna. She is precise and to the point. Her support made me push forward with my goal.


Life and Parent Coach

You were very helpful and patient and your clarity helped me to be more focused, and motivated about finishing my assignment.


Life Performance Coach, Life Beyond Walls

I have been lucky enough to hear Anna speak twice now. Anna is genuine and motivational in the way that she talks and shares her experience with others. Thank you for your help Anna.


Coach and NLP Practitioner

Anna is a professional, passion driven coach who never hesitates to offer her help. I have had the pleasure to attend two events where she was the guest speaker. She willingly shared with us her experience and tips related to coaching, answering patiently to our many questions. Anna is a talented professional, who has transformed her calling to empowering other people to thrive in what they do into a profession.


Performance and Mindset Coach

Anna has such enthusiasm and knowledge to share. Her personal journey and experience has given her much insight, and her ability to deliver presentations and interactive training online is great. Patience, insight and motivation – highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for training in her area of expertise.


Lecturer, Shannon College of Hotel Management