Success Stories and Testimonials

Sarah, Personal Performance Coach

I found the coaching sessions with Anna extremely helpful in gaining clarity around my goals. Anna was extremely professional during all sessions while also adding a personal touch and making me feel comfortable in opening up. Anna enabled me to understand what it is that I was really seeking to achieve and through incisive questioning got me to take ownership and accountability for my way forward. I aim to adopt a lot of Anna’s coaching skills in my own career going forward.

Moshoodat, Life and Business Coach

Anna’s coaching had a valuable impact on achieving my goals. She is a great listener and her empowerment kept me motivated and committed throughout the whole journey that we had together.

Prachi, Transformational Life Coach

Thank you Anna for guiding me when I needed help with setting up my business. It was extremely kind of you to have listened to all my queries and replied with utmost patience. I wish you all the best with your work.

Alex, Senior Marketing Manager, American Express Travel

I was thrilled to work with Anna during a time of significant change in my role at work. As with so many organisations, the global financial services organisation I work for needed to adapt and change quickly. Anna was able to understand my needs, specifically to taking on a brand new team and launching several new projects. Together, we were able to get to productive solutions quickly and implement those; progressing with each session. The impact I have been able to make has been acknowledged by my senior leadership team and I’m confident that this is due in part to the coaching I’ve had with Anna- I wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as quickly and logically on my own. I would fully recommend Anna if you are looking for a coach that is supportive, inquisitive and flexible.

Marta, Life and Mindset Coach

If you are looking to increase your performance and achieve desired goals Anna is your coach. I had great pleasure working with Anna and would highly recommend her as her number one priority is your success. Anna’s knowledge, experience and results focused mindset make her a fantastic coach. She empowered me to take specific actions that helped me to move forward with my goals.

Tanya, Entrepreneur and NLP Practitioner

Anna is very organized, kind, respective and a great listener. Her methods are efficient and allowed me to progress significantly and achieve the results I desired. 

Diana, Life Coach and Author

Since I’ve started working with Anna I’ve become more relaxed and positive. She has a high energy level that has helped challenge me, raise my awareness about my reality and achieve great outcome in my life.

Isabel, Business Development Account Manager, Singapore Airlines

I’m so glad I found Dreams and Beyond Coaching. Anna was a true inspiration, and guided me very step of the way to help me achieve success. Thank you Anna for all your patience, motivation, and professionalism along the way.

Marianna, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Anna’s energy, support and confidence empowered me to set and maintain clear direction towards my goal. She kept me motivated and laughed with me when I laughed. I am grateful for the opportunity and the success I’ve achieved while working with Anna.

Massimo, Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Anna’s empowerment kept me focused on my goals throughout our journey together. With her help I was able to stop procrastinating, get more organized, have structured discipline and become better with time management.