About Me

Anna Filatova

MBA, Certified Coach, Mentor, Speaker,
Accredited DISC Expert

I’m Anna, a Business and Success Coach for entrepreneurs, small business owners and CEOs. I have coached and mentored entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, coaches, managers, executives and other highly driven and ambitious professionals living in the UK and internationally.

From a young age, I’ve been always curious about learning and development and areas such as personal fulfilment, potential and success. I’ve always believed that people have hidden potential and by believing in them, challenging and mentoring them, I’ve helped a large number of individuals to thrive and achieve high results in the their careers and lives.

The truth is we all are capable of so much more. Sometimes you just need someone who can act as a catalyst and be your travel companion throughout your journey towards achieving the big results.

I’ve dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur since I was 14. At that stage I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do but I’ve always known that I was meant for something big.

After working in Hotel Management for 9 years and Investment Banking for 5 years, I decided to finally pursue my dreams and become a certified coach. I first came across coaching after mentoring many people within Hospitality and was fascinated by the results that both coaching and mentoring can bring.

I’ve always been very dedicated and ambitious and had high career aspirations until the universe told me to slow down.

In 2012 I had a burnout that made me realize that health, mental well-being and work-life balance are more important than killing myself for a fast career progression in Hotel Management.

It wasn’t easy to move jobs and everyone kept saying that I didn’t have the relevant experience to move industries until someone recommended me and I got a job as a Senior Executive Assistant in Investment Banking. It was a massive relief: better pay, great benefits, 9 – 5 job. What else do you need some might ask?

I quickly got to know the system and people within the organization and became the to go person for my division. After my manager left, I got extra responsibilities and was working hard towards a potential promotion in the future.

In 2018 I didn’t get the promotion for the job that I had been doing unofficially for two years. It was frustrating especially because I wasn’t even considered among other applicants. I felt like I was taken for granted and I had no idea what to do next.

This allowed me to reflect on my life and realize that my potential was dying. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. It was the universe telling me that it’s the time for a big change. It was the time to create the life that I’ve always wanted.

In 2019 I finally had the courage to pursue my dreams. Since I always wanted to help others through my own experiences and knowledge and enjoyed mentoring in my previous career, I decided to become a certified coach. It was definitely a light bulb moment that was bright and clear.

Since then my life has changed. I finally found my purpose in life through inspiring others and seeing them succeed.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, encouraged authors to write their books and empowered ambitious people to finally take those first steps towards their life and business or career goals.

I now focus on helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and CEOs to grow their businesses while making sure that they perform at their top level, have flexibility and freedom and live their best lives.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others by doing what you love.

10 Random Facts About Me:
I was born in Estonia, although many think that I am from Russia.
Family means everything to me.
Friendships are important to me. I always find time to catch up with my friends over dinner.
I am a foodie. I eat pretty much anything apart from shellfish. I also love cooking and experimenting with flavours.
I have played basketball since I was 4 and I was a champion of many leagues and tournaments, both nationally and internationally.
I am multi-passionate. I enjoy interior design, investing in financial markets, travelling to new destinations and learning about new cultures.
Fitness and well-being is important to me as if you have a healthy body, you can sustain a healthy mind.
I am afraid of deep water and I might panic if I don’t feel the seabed.
Apart from English, I am fluent in Russian and German and understand basic Spanish.
I love animals but cats and pandas are my favourite.